Turntable Lights

The sculpture pictured above is meant to resemble a pair of Technics 1200's and a Vestax mixer that our buddy Ryan (DJ Dodgy) was spinning with back in the day.  It plugs into a 110v wall outlet like a lamp and casts an ambient glow on the surrounding wall.  Don't know what that means?  Who cares, these things will look amazing in your apartment anyway!   

They're made of wood, acrylic, and LED lights.  Yeah, they're impressive.

Are custom colors available?

We've tried every color in the rainbow and think red looks best, so we're going with red LED rope lights as the standard offering.  If you want another color please contact us and we'll find a way to accommodate you.

Where are they made?

We are working with several different fabrication shops at this time, all of which are in the USA.  Each turntable lights sculpture is made in a state of the art wood shop like the one pictured below.  They are produced using a combination of CNC machining, other precision tooling, and hand assembly.