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And below are a few random photos of past projects we've worked on together...






 "Light Pots"


inspired by neon works of Antonio Peticov















"Turntable Lights" (prototype #1)


inspired by Technics 1200's and a Vestax mixer

design influenced by input from DJ Dodgy


(the headphones twist to dim the lights)









"Turntable Lights" (prototype #2)


produced for LA Art Walk 2006















 "LoveAsArt" business card


for a while, WOOD+LIGHT was

known as www.loveasart.com

(the URL is no longer registered)













  "Juicy Beats" custom couches


In 2002, Juicy Beats Artist Exchange commissioned loveasart to design and build a custom couch for their gallery space.  The requirements were to construct modular pieces on wheels that could be configured as one large sectional or pushed against the wall to serve as bench seating.  The following pictures show what we came up with...